A canopy around the perimeter of a jobsite is crucial to protect the public. When you are performing any work above a sidewalk or pedestrian walkway, overhead protection needs to be installed to protect pedestrians from falling debris. A pedestrian canopy is a scaffolding system that provides a safety cover above walkways and pedestrian areas, so they are protected from harmful construction projects being performed above.

Construction can create harmful dust particles in the air, so the pedestrian canopy helps block the dust from reaching pedestrians below. Another benefit of these sidewalk canopies is it helps reduce the construction site sounds and noise.

Tools and general construction creates noise that can be damaging to pedestrians, so having a properly installed pedestrian protection canopy reduces these construction sounds and distractions for people walking by.

In return your project will be viewed as safe and professional. We offer this service in two configurations (welded Frame or Modular systems).


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